About me

My name is Phil Grant. I have found out the hard way just how much chronic negative thinking, stressful beliefs and unresolved emotions affect our mental and physical well-being.
Formerly an engineer for 20 years, working on flight simulators amongst other things, I developed ME/CFS in the 1990’s after a period of depression. I tried everything I could to overcome the effects of the illness but after six years conventional methods had failed to provide a solution so I turned to complementary medicine.

Ultimately, this led to me studying to become a hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and then becoming an advanced E.F.T. practitioner for 8 years. During this time I began to embrace my true nature and opened up spiritually. This led to me working with the Emerald Heart, first as a client then training with them.

It is my privilege to be an Emerald Heart Essence Practitioner as very few are chosen to work with the Emerald Heart Light. I have experienced many of life’s difficulties prior to embarking on the road to spiritual advancement including, depression, M.E., O.C.D., fear & anxiety and addictions. I have made plenty of the mistakes people make and have gone down many a wrong road in life so I bring a wealth of experience to help guide you on your journey. Finding the Emerald Heart Light has transformed my life. It taught me who I am and what my life’s purpose is and I began to heal at the deepest levels that previous methods couldn’t access.

You will find that I am easy to talk to, that I’m very down to earth and like to use humour whenever I can in my work (when it’s appropriate).