The Divine Plan Healing System is a brand new healing method and goes beyond what has been before. While it is a wonderful stand-alone healing tool, it can also be an excellent starting point for your evolutionary journey with the Emerald Heart or a valuable addition to your spiritual work with the Emerald Heart by supporting you with its gentle loving energy during challenging times.

Unlike other healing techniques where the healer acts as an intermediary, directing energy or interpreting what is required to be done, the Divine Plan Healing System is an ideal healing process because you are connected directly to a perfect healing energy. You sit in a comfortable chair bathed in this wonderful energy and usually feel relaxed and peaceful afterwards.

The healing session itself is just the start of the process. You are then given an essence containing the spiritual Light of Divine Love to take away with you. Taking this essence 3 times a day for the next month means that the Light can really get to work on the problem while at the same time gently supporting you. Even this isn’t the end of the process as the Light continues to provide a further 2 weeks of healing after the essence course has been completed.
That’s 6 weeks of incredible healing power for the price of one session and while some problems require a course of sessions, it still represents tremendous value for money.

During this whole time you are asked to keep a Journal of Changes where you note any changes, anything out of the ordinary or what keeps coming into your awareness. Approximately 5 weeks after the healing session itself we have a follow-up session by phone to discuss your journal, assess your progress and to determine if further sessions are required.