How I work

I have been working as a therapist/healer since 2006 and have a wide experience of the typical difficulties people face in their lives. I am able to help my clients move through a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, anger, fears and phobias, low self-esteem or confidence, self-sabotaging behaviour, traumatic situations and crisis as well as chronic illnesses or injuries that won’t heal.

Please feel free to contact me if your particular situation isn’t listed.

As a vibrational essence practitioner I change people’s minds and how they think about themselves and their lives using spiritual approaches in conjunction with the powerful Emerald Heart evolutionary essences. I work this way because it has proven itself to me to be far more effective than any other technique I have trained in or personally experienced.
For more information see my page about these essences (here).

I also draw upon my training as a hypnotherapist, advanced E.F.T practitioner, and healing using Reiki. I am highly intuitive and have had considerable personal experience of physical and emotional struggles.

I also offer tradition hand-on healing where I work entirely intuitively, letting the client’s energy system or spiritual guidance determine what needs to be done.