The Evolutionary Essences of the Emerald Heart

About the Emerald Heart
We all need some help from time to time, especially those of us on the spiritual path. The Emerald Heart Light is a spiritual light that unlocks and opens your heart, and therefore your sub-conscious awareness. Working with this Light and the Essences (called the Keys of Transformation) will accelerate your evolution, by opening your heart and consciousness in such a way, that otherwise would not be possible.

Personal & spiritual evolution are about moving beyond your limitations. These limitations are caused by fears within you and these fears show up in your life as your issues. By dissolving fear step and step, you move through your immediate problems and start to see the bigger picture of your life and who you are. As you become more able to listen to your heart and feel the truth of its guidance, your life path becomes increasingly clear to you and you begin to live the life you were born to live.

Leaving the Problem Behind
When you evolve as a person you leave behind the problems that the old, more limited you suffered from. This is because our issues in life are caused by fear that create limited thinking and beliefs. For example, someone who is very anxious could, deep down, be afraid to trust themselves and their capabilities (there are many other reasons for anxiety). In this instance, an essence coud be used to help dissolve their fear of trusting themselves to the point where they can grow in confidence and so their anxiety reduces as a result.

There is nothing else currently on the planet like this and this Light is the ultimate tool for personal growth. For much more information visit the Emerald Heart web site (

A Session
Talking to someone who can see your life in the round and help you to understand what is happening and give you guidance that you can identify with can be very uplifting. A session is conducted by phone where we discuss what is occurring in your life and within you. I look at you and your situation as a whole.
I will be guided to assess what is needed to help you move forward, discuss this with you and send you a high vibration essence that is exactly right for you in the post which you take three times a day and which lasts between 3 – 4 weeks.
I will also email you a reading describing your current situation, its causes and what is being done to help you.
Sessions are typically held at 5 week intervals where progress is assessed.

Keeping a Journal
It also essential that you are able to make the commitment to keep a journal during the time we are working together. You need to get into the habit of keeping a note of any changes that you notice, synchronicities that appear in your life, unusual occurrences, any emotions that surface, dreams that feel significant and so on. Doing this serves three purposes:

  • Firstly, it demonstrates to yourself and the Light that you are committed to your growth and change process and so are taking responsibility for yourself.
  • Secondly, by keeping a journal you are observing what you do, how you react and how your life is unfolding and therefore deepening self-awareness.
  • Thirdly, it is the nature of energy shifts that you can only see just how much has changed once you review your journal and remember how things used to be.

Please go through your journal in good time before your next appointment (I advise to do it the day before) so you can see what has been happening and so you can prepare any questions you may have about what has unfolded since we last spoke.

My Part in the Process

  • Help you understand why your life is as it is right now.
  • Identify exactly what you need right now to move forward.
  • Tell you the Truth of your life.
  • Show you what is holding you back.
  • To guide and support you step by step on your journey.

Your Part in the Process

  • Be honest with me and yourself.
  • Keep a journal of what is happening while we work together.
  • Take the essence as directed (3 times a day).
  • Follow the guidance given.
  • Take responsibility for your journey and treat it with due respect.

If you do these things there is no reason why you cannot succeed.